Guardian Gear Anti Pull Dog Harnesses (TP9051)

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Guardian Gear Anti Pull Dog Harnesses (TP9051)


Our Guardian Gear® Anti Pull Dog Harness offers better control than other conventional halters or harnesses. Comfortable and adjustable, this harness distributes tension under the dog’s legs, not around the neck.


Product Description

Our uniquely designed Guardian Gear® Anti Pull Dog Harness distributes tension under legs, not around neck.

• Offers better control than conventional halters or harnesses.
• Included sherpa sleeves provide added comfort for the dog when needed.
• Adjustable nylon collar and restraint.

Guardian Gear® Anti Pull Dog Harnesses are available in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large sizes.

Material: Collar and Harness are Nylon
Care: Sherpa Sleeves are machine-washable.

Directions for use:

1. Put collar around neck of dog.
2. Adjust for a snug fit. Make adjustments equal on both sides, otherwise halter will not function properly.
3. Pass restraints through each of the large rings on top of collar. Thread Sherpa sleeves and then, one at a time, pass restraint behind dog’s leg and connect to small D-rings on bottom of collar.
4. Press button on restraint lock to adjust up or down for a snug fit. Avoid over-tightening. Attach your leash to metal ring and enjoy complete control during your walk.

Harnesses are available in the following sizes:

• Small size fits necks 9″-12″
• Medium size fits necks 12″-17″
• Large size fits necks 16″-24″
• X-Large size fits necks 23″-33″


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