Guardian Gear Head Collars for Dogs (ZW2553)

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Guardian Gear Head Collars for Dogs (ZW2553)


Training difficult dogs has never been easier. Guardian Gear® Head Collars for Dogs feature a unique, easy-to-adjust single strap design. These functional head collars help guide the head of the dog so the body will follow.


Product Description

Make dog training easier than ever with the help of this durable Guardian Gear® Head Collar for Dogs that stops dogs from pulling, simplifies training and corrects misbehaviors.

• Unique, single strap design is easier to adjust.
• Guides the head so the body will follow.
• Comfortable, open style allows dogs the freedom of panting and drink.

Head Collars feature quick release plastic buckles and a safety strap to prevent accidental slippage.

Material: 100% Nylon
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large

• Small Headcollars fit necks 12″ to 17″
• Medium Headcollars fit necks 13″ to 19″
• Large Headcollars fit necks 15″ to 22″
• X-Large Headcollars fit necks 17″ to 25″

Available only in Black.

Directions for use:

1. Hold the Head Collar by the noseband. Head Collar will assume the shape of the dog’s head, with the two rings under the chin.
2. The collar section is adjustable using the slide. When the buckle is securely closed it should accurately fit the dog’s neck. A two-finger slackness is the best guide.
3. Double check where the noseband is naturally sitting. It should be down the nose and away from the eyes.
4. Release pressure on the chain strap. The dog should be able to fully open his/her mouth without restriction.

WARNING: Ensure the collar section is tight enough. No more than 2-3 fingers should fit under the collar. Please use caution when linking the lead to the Head Collar. Use the safety strap or use a double-ended training lead (sold separately) to attach one clip to the Head Collar and the other clip to the dog’s regular collar.


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