Guardian Gear Lift & Lead 4-In-1 Dog Harness (ZW477)

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Guardian Gear Lift & Lead 4-In-1 Dog Harness (ZW477)

From: $15.99

Give pets a helping hand with our Guardian Gear® 4-in-1 Lift & Lead! Innovative support harness supplies a needed boost up stairs, onto beds, or into cars for pets with limited mobility. Converts to a walking or car harness, and the carrying strap can be used as a lead. Price varies depending on size selected.


Product Description

Our Guardian Gear® 4-in-1 Lift & Leads are a safe and easy way to give pets with limited mobility a boost up the stairs, into bed, or into cars.

• Constructed of 600-denier nylon with contoured chest and back supports.
• Lined in soft fleece for maximum comfort.
• The chest harness converts to a walking harness.
• The carrying strap doubles as a lead.

Allows convalescing, older pets, and those with arthritis, hip dysplasia or other disabilities to go everywhere! Use the chest harness as a car-seat harness.

Fitting Instructions:

1. Unfasten buckles on chest support and slip neck strap over dog’s head. And position bellyband between dog’s legs.
2. Loop girth straps over body and fasten buckles. Adjust neck and girth straps to fit snugly.
3. Unbuckle support band and position underneath dog’s hindquarters in front of rear legs and fasten buckles. End of carrying strap should be centered between buckles. Adjust to fit snugly.
4. Clip carrying strap to D-ring on chest support.
5. Lift up on carrying strap to support dog’s hindquarters as it stands and walks.

For Use as Car Restraint:

• After fitting chest support, slide car seat belt through the nylon loop on the back strap and fasten seat belt clip.

For Use as a Walking Harness:

• After fitting chest support, attach lead or carrying strap to the D-ring on back.

You do not need to attach the hindquarter support band when using as a car harness.

The hindquarter support band is not usually needed when harness is being used for walking, however it can be used to provide additional support to pets with very limited mobility.

Caution: Recommended for pets only.

Care: Clean with a damp sponge and line dry.

A. Measure pet’s neck circumference.
B. Measure the broadest part of the chest.

If the measurement is between sizes, we recommend going up one size. Also, if pet has a stout build, a deep chest, or is overweight, we recommend going up a minimum of one size for proper fit.


Small- Fits Chests 16″-20″ & Supports Pets Weighing under 15 lbs.
Medium- Fits Chests 17″-21″ & Supports Pets Weighing under 15 -25lbs.
Large- Fits Chests 21″-26″ & Supports Pets Weighing under 25 -45lbs.
X-Large- Fits Chests 26″-34″ & Supports Pets Weighing under 45 -65lbs.
XX-Large- Fits Chests 31″-41″ & Supports Pets Weighing under 65 -85lbs.
XXX-Large- Fits Chests 35″-47″ & Supports Pets Weighing under 85 -110lbs.


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