Intellipet Bark Solver X25 (ZW16806)

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Intellipet Bark Solver X25 (ZW16806)


Enjoy a quieter indoor environment with the intellipet Bark Solver X25 ultrasonic bark reduction unit.

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Product Description

Put an end to nuisance dog barking with our intellipet Bark Solver! Bark Solver units can be wall- or shelf-mounted inside or outside. An ultrasonic correction tone sounds each time dogs bark. The Intellipet Bark Solver X25’s sensitivity adjustment controls how loud the bark must be to trigger the tone. Frequency adjustment allows for selection of either ultrasonic sound (inaudible to most humans) or a sound audible to both dogs and humans.

• Controls barking within 25 feet.
• Includes a wall-mount bracket and AC adapter.
• Protective vinyl cover for outdoor use.
• Extra long 50’ cord for long-distance performance.

The intellipet Bark Solver X25 is packaged for easy retailing and includes a one year warranty.

Size: The Bark Solver measures 5 3/8” H x 3 5/16” W x 1 3/8” D

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